Palas® Quality

The corporate philosophy of Palas® is characterized by high quality standards. This applies not only to our technology, but also to our customer service.

Our consulting and support services are geared towards long-term cooperation that focuses on the optimum benefit of our customers. This includes corresponding services in this area.

Palas® Service

We take over the complete set-up of test equipment and measuring systems. In addition, we accompany the initial introduction phase with competent instruction and supervision of commissioning.

Palas® guarantee

You get a guarantee on all Palas® new devices. During this time, guarantee repairs are completely free of charge. Should any problems occur afterwards with one of our measuring instruments, aerosol generators, dilution systems or filter test rigs, we are still there for you. Please contact us to arrange a maintenance appointment.

Palas® Maintenance

The maintenance of the Palas® devices is carried out directly by us in strict compliance with specified guidelines, thus ensuring optimum safety and quality of our measurement technique.