Determination of Fractional Separation Efficiency

Article number 7803

Price on request
With DEHS on MFP 3000

Measuring of filter efficiency on a discharged filter media

according to ISO 16890 part 2

- Discharging of filter media

- ePM1

- ePM2.5

- ePM10

- dust loading capacity

including automatically produced test report

Depending on customer requirements:

MFP System (

  • For testing according to ISO 16890 and EN 779
  • Modular filter media testing system for rapid determination of fractional collection efficiency, loading, and pressure drop according to standard and customer requirements
  • Unambiguos determination of the fractional collection efficiency is carried out with high precision using Promo® 1000, 2000 and 3000

MFP Nano plus (

  • For testing according to DIN EN 1822-3 and ISO 29463-3
  • Test rig for exact determination of the collection efficiency of ULPA and HEPA filter media and small complete filters
  • The MFP Nano plus offers highest flexibility for different testing requirements