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PMFT System: GB2626 (KN,KP), 42Cfr84 (N,P), EN 149 (FFP) where is the difference?

Different regions of the world have different preferred testing standards for respirators. In Europe, EN 149 is used; masks tested according to this standard receive FFP certification. In North America, the 42CFR84 standard is used, and masks that meet the requirements of this standard are marketed as N-X () or P-X masks. GB2626 is the Chinese standard, and masks here can obtain certification as KN-X or KP-X.

In addition to minor discrepancies in mask test flow rates, as well as limits for breathing resistance and penetration / filtration, a key difference is that the American and Chinese standards include separate certification classes for oil and salt testing (KN and N for salt, KP and P for oil), while an FFP mask must meet defined guideline values for both aerosol types. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a mask with the KN95 certification, which has become very common in recent years, to fail the penetration test for FFP2 certification, since it has never been tested with oil for KN95 certification and is not necessarily designed for oil filtration.

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